Monday, 12 December 2011

Content Engineering: Changing the way we think about content

The term content engineering is much more than a trendy metaphor in content management. It reflects an important new perspective on your content: applying the principles of engineering to the entire content-management lifecycle. It's much more than the usual editorial cycles and publication-specific processes, and it pays dividends.

The objective of this blog is to establish the nature of, and need for Content engineering.
“Search engines need text. Search engines need content. And if you think about it, your visitors need content too. To be interesting to visitors, the content needs to be expressed in many ways.....”

There is no doubt that the Internet is one of the most important inventions to grace civilization, and the search engine is its table of contents. If we talk about statistics there are almost 1.9 billion Internet users and more than half of them will use a search engine today. Some of those will use search engines such as or to discover your competition’s site instead of yours. So, for any company or webmaster interested in capturing new customers or visitors or subscribers some magic is needed. This magic can be created by content engineering, that is the process of organizing your content and improving your consistency with the goal to improve your Internet credibility and search engine ranking is a critical activity.
Internet has lived already a long life and same with the users. Although we can’t deny this is the most revolutionized fields where facts & figures keeps changing overnights.
Many websites were created in a content vacuum. They started as online corporate brochures – stiff and fluffy. Now, they’ve been upgraded that design to include cool flash movies and really slick JavaScript navigation mechanisms that are impressive displays of technical prowess, but are meaningless to search engines.
Search engines need text. Search engines need content. And if you think about it, your visitors need content too. To be interesting to visitors, the content needs to be expressed in many ways, but it is the text mode that
will be most important in generating the credibility.
Content doesn’t have to be about the products and services. It can be about the technology, the issues, the problem, the customers and the alternatives. Content doesn’t have to be just in html. It can be in *.pdf or *.ppt or *.doc formats too since the search engines can read, analyze and index these files too.
Content is created for the end users and if demand and need of a customer’s can’t be served then we need to engineer our way through. To serve the basic purpose of customer satisfaction if we need to enthrall a process, then we must do.
This white paper discusses ways you can do to improve your content and consistency which will result in to a better SEO and customer satisfaction. Apart from this content engineering can certainly help for a better business opportunity. I hope readers can gain some points with this paper. Moreover, if by reading these few pages you’ll make a better Return on Investment of Time and Money, we’ll both be more successful.

Content is what and how we Communicate…

I remember those days from school age, when we were supposed to write essays. I was quite confused that time what teachers looks in these lengthy essays. That was nothing but content, the more expressive was the content better the essays were supposed to be.
In brief, Content is the substantial form of human communication. Content is momentous because it entails perspective and this is typically serialized due to the ways we convey, accrue and construe information.
Content accumulate with time as direction of exchange is in multiple ways. Content is intrinsically composite and the rate of increase in convolution is unrestrained as Content persists over time and can be transmitted over distances.
With the time document has become popular face of the content. The document has proven to be a potent device for communicating and retaining content while documents provide effectual substantial containers for content, they also lead to several means of exchange and possible obsolescence.
Content populates an ecosystem where people receive, internalize, modify, create and share that content. Content connects everything.
But with the digital age every aspect of life is changing and things are changing for content too. The fruition of the Web & the Convergence of Media altered historical forms for storing & exchanging content and introduced new levels of propinquity, universality & perseverance.
The influence is clearly visible with the swing in the trend of content as Volumes are increasing Electronic accessibility is the norm Variety of formats is increasing
If we converse regarding the whole story involved with content in today’s world a total different pictures comes out. We are not the cradle of roses but we are faced with a few sticky paths ahead.
Massively expanding content volumes Diversifying venues for content delivery Proliferating design varieties and the reintegration of content. Continuing lifecycle challenges and content security Growing recognition of the essentiality of content and Rising expectations of users
There are challenges in managing and using the content but with the opportunities emerging to leverage content in any business. The essential response comes out to conquer all challenges for excelling is content engineering.


  1. Imparts and explains content engineering very well. Gives a nice understanding of how things work at the backend for users.
    Content is surely the thing that drives internet to this particular level and its gonna evolve further.

    Would be waiting for more such blogs especially how searhcing of content takes place in this vast network of internet.

    Good piece of paper.

  2. Thanks Pranav !! Hope u'll like coming blogs as well :)

  3. Hey Ashish its a good and knowledgeable blog..I had been searching about Content management for very long time..i thnk it will help me in understanding more about Content management..

    waiting for more such type of articles !!!